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Hydrogen Gas Cylinders

7,600.00 / 7m3
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Type Hydrogen Gas Cylinders
Application Commecial, Industrial, Medical
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Atomic Mass
1.00794 U
99.999 %
Molar Mass
34.1 G/mol
Boiling Point
-60 °c
Melting Point
-82 °c

Hydrogen Gas is the simplest, lightest element in the Universe. It is made up of one proton & one electron. It is light as it scatters immediately upward in the air. It is non polluting. It is a energy carrier It is not energy it self, but requires energy to produce it. It has more energy per weight, but less energy per volume than any other fuel.It is normal gaseous state it is colourless, odourless, tasteless & non toxic. We provide packaging of Hydrogen gas in Cylinders,  Manifolds and  Pallets.


  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Petroleum : Hydrogen is used in large quantities as a raw material in the chemical synthesis of ammonia, methanol, hydrogen peroxide, polymers, and solvents.  In refineries, it is used to remove the sulfur that contained in crude oil.  Hydrogen is catalytically combined with various intermediate processing streams and is used, in conjunction with catalytic cracking operations, to convert heavy and unsaturated compounds to lighter and more stable compounds.The pharmaceutical industry uses hydrogen to manufacture vitamins and other pharmaceutical products. Large quantities of hydrogen are used to purify gases (e.g. argon) that contain trace amounts of oxygen, using catalytic combination of the oxygen and hydrogen followed by removal of the resulting water.

  • Glass and Ceramics : In float glass manufacturing, hydrogen is required to prevent oxidation of the large tin bath.

  • Food and Beverages : It  is used to hydrogenate unsaturated fatty acids in animal and vegetable oils, producing solid fats for margarine and other food products.

  • Electronics : Hydrogen is used as a carrier gas for such active trace elements as arsine and phospine, in the manufacture of semi-conducting layers in integrated circuits.

  • Miscellaneous : Generators in large power plants are often cooled with hydrogen, since the gas processes high thermal conductivity and offers low friction resistance. Liquid hydrogen is used as a rocket fuel. The nuclear fuel industry uses hydrogen as a protective atmosphere in the fabrication of fuel rods.


Lifting agent

  • Hydrogen can cause a balloon to lift or float upward in air.

  • Lifting agent & clean fuel for cars


Clean fuel for cars
But also, hydrogen is one of the cleanest fuels because when it burns, the result is simple water. That is why there are efforts to create engines that can power automobiles on hydrogen. This would greatly help to reduce the air pollution and global warming problems.

Hydrogen gas is odorless and nontoxic but may induce suffocation by diluting the concentration of oxygen in air below levels necessary to support life.

The amount of hydrogen gas necessary to produce oxygen-deficient atmospheres is well within the flammable range, making fire and explosion the primary hazards associated with hydrogen and air atmospheres.

The wide flammability range, 4% to 74% in air, and the small amount of energy required for ignition necessitate special handling to prevent the inadvertent mixing of hydrogen with air. Care should be taken to eliminate sources of ignition such as sparks from electrical equipment, static electricity sparks, open flames, or any extremely hot objects Hydrogen and air mixtures, within the flammable range, can explode and may burn with a pale blue, almost invisible flame.

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